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Miracles and divine cosmic verses mentioned in the Holy Quran

The hammerer

Scientists have lately found out about some stars throbbing with sounds more like hammering.  They have found that these stars send out very strong waves that can penetrate or puncture any surface including planet Earth.  Accordingly, they described it as universal hammers.  The Quran described that long time ago with these two words; the hammerer and the piercing.  Nothing to say, but praise be to Allah.

The Sweeper

It has also been discovered that there are some stars which look like black spots.  These stars sweep the universe thanks to its massively strong gravity.  So they work like sweepers in the universe by attracting objects to it and sucking them in.  In Quran long time ago, these stars were described literally as black spots and as sweepers.

Swear on Dusk

The above picture was taken in the North Pole.  The dusk looms there so grand. Dusk is one of the most baffling phenomenon that took scientists ages to unveil its mystery and secrets. Finally, it has been found that the Earth has a huge magnetic sphere that forms a protecting shield against the Sun rays or winds.  The magnetic sphere helps deflect off the harmful sun rays and save the Earth from being burned down.  The Quran has just described the dusk as such.

Sun glowing light

At the time the Quran was revealed, nobody on earth knew the reality about the sun, however Allah did create the sun and describe it accurately with being a glowing light.  That description is just confirming that the sun is just a burning device for fuel and generating energy and light.  It literally burns its nuke fuel to emit heat and light and Quran has long named it as such before scientist could know it.

The preserved ceiling

We can see in the above picture the magnetic sphere that surrounds the Earth which is very strong protection against harmful objects shooting in the Universe.  If it’s not for this magnetic sphere, the earth would have been knocked off apart.

Canvas of galaxies

The magnified part of the above picture is about a 100 billion star galaxy and so is every little spot on that picture. Looking upon it all using Computer-generated image, you can see that the whole universe is like a well-woven canvas and as such the Quran has ever described it.

Burning Sea

The above picture shows a flaring sea with volcanic lava at the North Pole.  It makes the sea look as if it were burning.  The Quran just describes seas to have this phenomenon long time ago before anyone could have ever seen it. 

Sky is a construction

In the beginning, scientists thought that the outer space was about emptiness, but lately it has been found out that the whole universe is really a well-constructed being that is not void at all and the Quran described it as such 1400 years ago.

The barrier between two seas

The above image shows that there is a barrier between two different seas which is called a water blockade.  The thing is that this blockage just does block the two seas’ waters from mixing.  Each sea water has its own features that just don’t overlap or take over the features of the other sea’s water despite there’s no physical barrier in between.  It’s just this water blockade that does that.  Praise be to Allah.  The Quran did really describe this water blockade and its function literally as such before anyone could have ever known it.

The heart thinks

It has been found that the heart has more than 40000 nervous cells that make the heart feel, think and control the brain.  The Quran has always described hearts to be the thinking and feeling object in the human body rather than the mind.  Praise be to Allah.

I testify that there’s no god, but Allah and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.



Adapted by Dr. Husam Al Saffariny
  Sources and references
Some Islamic forums - the scientific miracles in the Holy Quran




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